Electoral College Is Like, When You’re Electing the People Electing the President

Dude, talk shop about the electoral college, man! It’s this system we have in place for choosing the president.

Alright, so picture this, bro. The electoral college is like this group of people, man. They’re like delegates from each state, and they cast these votes over in D.C. to decide who becomes the president. It’s like a game of numbers and politics.

But here’s where it gets kinda confusing, man. The number of votes each state gets is based on its population. It’s like a big balancing act, you know? They try to make it fair and crap, but sometimes it feels like a puzzle with missing pieces.

And, like, sometimes the winner of the popular vote doesn’t even win the presidency, man. It’s like a mind-bending twist in a movie. It’s all about these electoral votes, and sometimes they don’t line up with the will of the people. Or something like that.

But, like, you can’t really say the lost the popular vote because that’s not how the system is set up. Like, if it was the based on the overall vote, candidates would do crap differently to get more people to vote for them. Take California, man. That place is gonna select the Dem, every time, and the Republican is like, “No point in going there, man.” And Republicans in the state are like, “Man, why even try voting. They’re just gonna pick the Democrat.” So, picture this, now it’s based on popular vote, and now, those Republicans in Cali are like, “Ya, let’s go vote.” So, that dude that had less votes but won the Electoral College, now he’s got more votes. You know? Anyways, I think I went off on some tangent.

Where was I? Oh right. So, I’m just a stoner trying to make sense of it all, you know? It’s like watching a game show while your mind’s a bit hazy. And you’re like, “Oo. That state just turned blue!”

So, that’s the electoral college in this stoner’s hazy perspective, bro. It’s this system of votes, numbers, and some mind-boggling outcomes. Peace, love, and rock the vote, dudes!