Happy Birthday, Arizona. I Dig This Movie About You.

It’s Arizona’s birthday, so it’s time for the annual watching of Raising Arizona.

Dude, have you ever seen this movie? It’s this hilarious movie that messes with your mind in all the best ways, man. It’s like this rollercoaster of absurdity and heart, and I’m here to, like, try to explain it.

Alright, so the story is about this dude named H.I. – a total fuck up in and out of jail all the time – and his wife Ed – the chick that was always taking his mugshots when he’d get arrested. So, they want a baby so bad, but they can’t have one, you know? Sad stuff. And this super rich dude, Nathan Arizona, has quintuplets or something. And H.I. and Ed are like, “That’s not fair.” So, they hatch this wild plan to steal one of the babies, like, right out of the rich family’s house. It’s like thievery, bro, but with the best intentions.

They end up with, like, more than they bargained for. It’s like cosmic chaos, dude. They’re trying to be good parents, but shit gets wild, like a tornado tearing through their lives. H.I.’s prison buddies escape and track him down to hideout. And H.I.’s boss and wife come over to check out the new kid. “Mind you don’t cut yourself, Mordecai.” That shit’s hilarious.

And then you got this freaky bounty hunter, Leonard Smalls, who’s on their trail. He’s this big, scary dude with a motorcycle and a grenade, man, just riding around blowing up rabbits and shit, just for fun. He’s like danger lurking around every corner, and he’s coming for the baby.

But despite all the craziness, there’s this heartwarming side to the story, man. H.I. and Ed, they genuinely care for the baby, even though he’s not theirs. It’s like a lesson in love and family, dude. They have to outplay the escaped convicts, and the bounty hunter, and then they’re like, “Ya, we need to give this baby back.” So they sneak back in to those rich people’s house and give the baby back. And the movie ends with like, “Well, I hope we can have one ourselves one day.”