GOOOAAALLL! Here Are the Rules of Soccer. Ole, Bro!


Yo, dude! Let’s talk about the cosmic game of soccer, man. It’s like this mind-blowing sport where you kick a ball and chase it around, and I’m here, trying to wrap my baked mind around the rules while enjoying a cosmic joint. Alright, so picture this, bro. You got this big cosmic field, and two […]

AC/DC, Bro! No, Not the Band


Yo, dude! Let’s take a cosmic journey into the electrifying world of AC and DC electricity, man. It’s like this mind-bending duality that powers our lives, and I’m here, trying to wrap my baked mind around it while enjoying a cosmic joint. Alright, so AC and DC, bro. AC stands for alternating current, and DC […]

Commodities Trading

Economics Movies

Yo, dude! Just caught the end of Trading Places on TV. They basically take down a bunch of wealthy racist dicks through commodity trading. So, let’s, like, dive into the groovy world of commodities trading, man! It’s this cosmic game where people trade stuff like coffee, wheat, and all that good shit. I’m just here, […]



Yo, dude! Let’s dive into the cosmic realm of bankruptcy law, man! It’s like this wild concept where people deal with their money problems and try to find a way out. I’m just here, in my own little universe, trying to wrap my baked mind around this shit. Okay, so bankruptcy, man. It’s when you’re, […]

Here Are the Rules of American Football. Omaha. Omaha!


Dude, American football, man! It’s like this wild, intense game that’s all about throwing around this weird-shaped ball and running and tackling and stuff. It’s like controlled chaos on a field, bro. Okay, so here’s the deal. There are, like, two teams, right? And they’re all pumped up, ready to go. They line up on […]

These Cosmic Stones, Dude


Dude, the Infinity Stones, man! They’re like these powerful cosmic rocks that control the whole freakin’ universe. It’s like, “Whoa, bro, talk about ultimate power, right?” So, check it out. There are, like, six of these stones, and each one represents a different aspect of the universe. You got the Space Stone, which is all […]

Crypto, Man. You Buying What I’m Selling?

Economics Technology

Dude, cryptocurrencies, man! They’re like these digital coins that exist in the virtual world. It’s like money for the internet, you know? It’s like, “Hey, bro, let’s trade some invisible money and see what happens!” Okay, so picture this, man. There’s this thing called blockchain, which is like this super complex technology that keeps track […]

The Ship Went Down, But the Heart Goes On


Dude, the Titanic, man! It’s like this massive ship that sailed across the ocean, and then, bam! It hits an iceberg, and it’s all like, “Whoa, dude, what just happened?” Okay, so picture this, bro. The Titanic was this super luxurious ship, like a floating palace. It had all these fancy rooms, and people were […]

So, Here’s Like the Best Movie Ever, Man

Entertainment Movies

Dude, Pulp Fiction, man! It’s like this mind-bending movie that messes with your head in the best possible way. It’s got all these crazy stories, like this gangster dude named Vincent Vega and his partner Jules, who go on these wild adventures. Okay, so picture this, man. There’s this dude, Vincent, right? He’s like a […]

The Pinkertons Were Hardcore, Dude


Dude, have you ever heard of the Pinkertons? They’re like these old-timey private detective dudes, but way cooler, man. They were like the OG badass investigators, going around and solving mysteries and stuff. It’s like Sherlock Holmes on a cosmic level, bro. So, picture this, back in the day, like the 1800s or something, there […]